Rob seems happy with the 1974 Premier that… “survived punk!”. Sounding BIG!

Arriving at the studio

So we arrived at Bryn Derwen studios (6 miles from Bangor, Wales and in the absolute middle of nowhere) just after ten. We literally loaded all the gear in, had a quick tour of the place, had some brews and a quick chat with Dave (Eringa, producer) about how we’re going to start recording tomorrow, then set up the drums ready for an 11 o clock start. It’s now half one in the am so its time to go, there’ll be plenty more photos and updates tomorrow, stay classy


First things first…

Ready to record a new album!!!

Failsafe to record with Dave Eringa!

Hello friends!

For everybody who has been asking, we are set to record with the lovely Dave Eringa in June this year. Our new album will be released some time in September and we cannot wait for you all to hear the new songs! 

Keep an eye out for studio updates as we’ll be keeping in touch every day!

Thanks for all the support!

Andy, Jim, Matt, Rob and Si x