DAY 3. Evening all! As I am sat in Marc’s flat in Cologne drinking my beer, I thought it would be a good moment to spill some thoughts on the day.

The photo was taken in a very rare Indian restaurant next to the Luxor in Cologne. There was talk of Indian food a few days ago amongst the co-headliners, but as to not build up mine and Rob’s hopes, I swiftly dismissed the rumours. In England we are lucky in the fact that establishments serving eastern cuisine are ten to the dozen but it’s not really the case in Germany. After an epic feed, FOR FREE, we had to play a gig on the fullest of stomachs with only half an hour left for them to settle; a challenge that we so often find ourselves facing. Cue the stage burps…. Andy!

The gig was really great tonight- everything from the stage sound to the bag of mini snickers in the dressing room. We had seen Idlewild in this venue a few years ago and always said that we’d love to play it one day. I feel as though we played well and gave a great account of ourselves. It feels good to do that. It makes such a difference to feel really comfortable and relaxed in your surroundings.

Paris tomorrow. It’s only about 5 or 6 hours away…. BRING IT!

If ever you don’t want to get a tune out of your head, this is the one. I was singing this for hours today.

Mute math- Spotlight

Jim x

DAYS 1 & 2: Hello folks, Jim here, just wanted to start a bit of a blog/ diary/ update thing, so here I am, blogging everyone’s head in.

We (Si, Matt & I) set off to Munich on thurs night in the van with all the gear, whilst Andy and Rob would meet us at the gig on saturday. For once, a Failsafe plan was executed to perfection- we caught the relevant modes of transport ON TIME, no hold ups, no van searches, no traffic jams, no pee-ing in a cup, no nothing! Slick as muck! Happy days.

The two gigs we have played so far have been great. We haven’t been to Munich or Wiesbaden before, so to reach new soil is somewhat satisfying and beneficial. The guys in Hawthorne and Red Jumpsuit seem very pleasant too- took a little while to get going but I think we are at that stage now were we no longer feel awkward for not being American, or indeed the other way around. I think we might need a good old’ sesh to really get things going, but it’s early days yet.

The Christmas markets in Munich were VERY EXTENSIVE to say the least. After perusing the stalls for culinary delights Matt and I took the plunge and bought two of the most incredible currywurst(s) known to man. ‘Intense’ doesn’t even begin to describe them. I could have eaten 5, but we had a gig to play, and nobody wants sausage thrown up on them at a gig, do they?

That was a rhetorical question by the way. You don’t have to answer it. Really. You don’t. Anyway, there’s something magic (and cold) about touring at this time of year. Germany is still looking very autumnal, but feeling very festive, and we managed to catch the final verse and choruses of Wham’s “Last Christmas” on German radio, which always helps.

Which brings me to my next point. I’m going to be on here as often as I can, so stay tuned if you so wish! At the end of each post I will try and put a kind of ‘song of the day’ link up, just because… well…. just cause I want to and I think it would be cool to tell you what my ears have been enjoying in the van.

So here it is; Maritime- Its Casual

Jim x

Sorry we have been away for a while on tumblr. We have been having a great time on tour, we even managed to spend a day jumping in a lake (Bodensee) and getting sunburnt! Thanks to everyone who has come along so far. Don’t forget, we have a week of gigs with our mates Attack! Attack! starting on the 14th in Guildford….. Be there!!

A Euro tour poster to feast your eyes on, this starts next week!

European Tour Dates!

August (Europe)

  • Sat 6th – 6:00 pm – LakeFest, Freizeitsee St. Lorenzen im Mürztal, Austria
  • Sat 20th – 6:00 pm – Stadtfest, Lennestadt, Germany
  • September (Europe)

  • Thu 1st – 8:00 pm – W2, Den Bosch, Netherlands
  • Fri 2nd – 7:30 pm – Rhauderfehn, Jukz, Germany
  • Sat 3rd – 8:00 pm – The Pit, Terneuzen, Netherlands
  • Sun 4th – 7:30 pm – De Bliksem, Den Helder, Netherlands
  • Mon 5th – 8:00 pm – Underground, Köln, Germany
  • Wed 7th – 8:00 pm – Bahndamm, Wermelskirchen, Germany
  • Thu 8th – 8:00 pm – Gare de Lyon, Wil, Switzerland
  • Fri 9th – 8:00 pm – Irreal, Aulendorf, Germany
  • Sat 10th – 8:00 pm – Sommerkeller, Straubing, Germany
  • Sun 11th – 8:00 pm – Sommercasino, Basel, Switzerland
  • Mon 12th – 8:00 pm – Warm Audio, Lyon, France
  • Tue 13th – 8:00 pm – Kulturrampe, Krefeld, Germany
  • September (UK!!!)

  • Thu 15th – 7:00 pm – 02 Academy, London  w/ Attack! Attack!
  • Fri 16th – 7:00 pm – Academy 3, Manchester  w/ Attack! Attack!
  • Sat 17th – 7:00 pm – 02 Academy 2, Newcastle  w/ Attack! Attack!
  • Sun 18th – 7:00 pm – Cardiff Solus, Cardiff  w/ Attack! Attack!
  • Mon 19th – 7:30 pm – O2 Academy 2, Bristol  w/ Straight Lines
  • Tue 20th – 7:00 pm – O2 Academy 3, Birmingham  w/ Attack! Attack
  • Day 10 in the studio

    Hello all!

    We have been so wrapped up in taking pictures, making videos and ACTUALLY recording that we haven’t posted a substantial amount of information on here for quite some time. So first and foremost, apologies! We also played a gig in Manchester with Boysetsfire on Tuesday whilst Dave had a day off from our strange and peculiar ways. We had an immense amount of fun showcasing some new material at ’Moho Live’ so thanks to everyone who came down and showed their support for all the bands, it was ‘well mint.’

    After tracking the bass and drums for all 10 songs in the first 3 or 4 days, our attentions have since turned to guitars and vocal sounds. We are taking the process 2 songs at a time; recording the guitar tracks with the best sounds we can get, and then recording the vocals for them. This way, we wont have a massive bunch of vocals to record at the very end of our 2 weeks here, and it also means that we can trick ourselves into thinking that we have made more progress than we actually have!

    In the main live room there are 9 heads, 5 cabs and 2 combos rigged up, which Si and Matt are experimenting with for each part of every song to get the appropriate textures, sounds and vibes. So far, at 00.37 Friday morning, we are still trudging our way through the tracks, trying to get another song nailed on guitars before we go to bed.

    We are thrilled with the songs that we have completed so far. Without blowing our own trumpet(s) and at the risk of sounding corny/ cliche/ big headed/ moronic, we are exceptionally proud of the way they are sounding and think that Dave is doing a remarkable job of bringing them to life. He is very hands on with his approach and is constantly challenging our performance and the parts of the songs. It is also very humbling to know that we feel like we are making the best possible record we could have done with the money we managed to get together. The generosity of every pledger, and everybody who gives a moment’s notice to what we are trying to do, is astounding. We consider ourselves to be very proud and very lucky to be doing this right now.

    So… on the cards tomorrow… 2 tracks of vocals, 2 more tracks of guitar, and 2 tracks of backing vocals…… Dave likes to run a tight ship……

    See you again soon,

    Jim x

    Done and dusted….. Time for a celebration? Lovely bottle of Morgon courtesy of @TrintEastwood Alex Boule and Uncommonmenfrommars. Now all we have to do is wait for the mixes…

    The last installment of Failsafe in the studio. The final few days have been full of experimenting, hard work and fun. We’ll be sad to leave the studio behind and say goodbye to Dave. It’s kind of nice to be in your own little bubble at times, no doubt that will burst the moment we hit the M6 on our way back home. The album is sounding great- waaaay beyond our expectations at this point, and its not even mixed yet! We have to wait at least 2 weeks before Dave has a mix that he is happy with. So, here’s to waiting….

    Very near completion! We only have a few more things to do and then THAT’S IT! You can see that the “fun” column is completely nailed.