To all our friends, family and followers. It is with the heaviest of hearts yet the fondest of memories, that we write this statement.

Firstly, we apologise for the huge delay in any form of contact on our social media. The past few months have been spent trying to find the right words to say.

In the early hours of New Year’s morning 2015, our band-mate and brother, Matthew, passed away at the tender age of 30. With the news coming as such a shock to us all, trying to adjust to a way of life without our dear friend continues to take courage and countless hours of soul searching.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been so kind to get involved with the band, help us out in any way, and inspire us to be better musicians, better people. We feel blessed to have been so close to Matthew and spent so much precious time with him; a man who inspired us to be better musicians and better people too. The days we shared together in Failsafe are some of the best times we have had.

As the reality of this loss begins to set in, so do some of it’s repercussions. It has come to light that we owe it to Matt to let his legacy live on through his music. We feel compelled to try and give our most recent and last album Routines the exposure it deserves. We also have a renewed desire to get the acoustic songs that we all recorded together out there soon. In the circumstances, we feel really keen to make our efforts as positive as possible and as such, a portion of the profit from the sale of the record will be donated to a charity by the name of CALM. Details will soon follow.

More information about Matthew’s solo music will be available through, a website launched to celebrate his life, his talents and the memories he has given us all.

For those who are reading this as news for the first time, a sincere apology. For those who have been in touch already, a sincere and comfort-felt thank you. We will always remember you Matt, those shoulders, those talented hands, that laugh and that bloody marvellous grin. You always made us proud.

Release dates for ‘Routines’

Hello one and all

Today’s big announcement is that we can finally say that we have the release dates for our new album, ROUTINES!!!!

We are happy to let you guys know that our album will be released in the UK and Europe through our friends at Bomber Music, and for the first time ever we have got ourselves an American release! we are so proud and privileged to be the first signing to our good friends Hawthorne Heights’ record label, Cardboard Empire Records. (

UK and Europe…

Routines will be officially released on Monday May 7th, Pre-orders will be taken soon (more info to come) and as we’ve said, it will be available to buy exclusively from us in April at our gigs, and if you donated to our album campaign, you will have the album in April.


Routines will be officially released Tuesday 3rd April and pre-orders are being taken right now. Please head over to to place your order!

So there you have it, we couldn’t be more excited that the album is nearly out there for you all to hear and couldn’t be happier that its happening with great friends by our side to help us do it!

Here’s to the rest of 2012

Cheers x

DAY 27: Unfortunately for us, the CD player in the van has decided to call it a day, so our sound track for the journey home has not been Chris Rea ‘driving home for Christmas,’ on repeat.

We said goodbye to Rob (who was flying home) as we left the gig in Zürich- which was like losing a limb in some respects. He got to spend a night on the tour bus with Hawthorne and Red jumpsuit before going to the airport the next day. We had a monster journey ahead of us to make the ferry in Amsterdam for 5.30 the next day, with a stop in Gaggenau for 3 and a half hours sleep.

Amsterdam was a brilliant gig. The Melkweg (Dutch for milky way) is an incredible venue- clean, tidy, well organised, great sound, good stage, awesome staff.

Apparently, a lot of venues in the Netherlands are subsidised by the government, unlike those in the UK, which means that they often have the money to be well maintained and adequately staffed, rather than fending for themselves outright- which is much the case in the UK. This means that even if gigs aren’t promoted to a good standard or well attended, there will always be money coming in. In the UK, promoters/venue owners HAVE to make it work, and seem under a lot more pressure to do so. Sometimes, bands like us can be stuck in the middle of a tirade of negativity, with people taking out their frustrations on the next easy target.

In our opinion, this tour has been a success. We were sceptical about doing it at first- we are well out of an album cycle and fees for support bands are often not that great. The tour has been good for generating awareness about the new record, playing to new faces, playing in new places, especially abroad, and hanging out with Hawthorne and Joey from Red Jumpsuit.

After sleeping for 13 hours on the ferry, I am sat in the front of the van, squinting like I’ve been sucking on an entire lemon tree (the sun is spectacularly low). Andy and Si decided to party on board the dfds cruise ship to Newcastle, but I thought better of it after a couple of beers; semi- hibernation and two showers seemed more appealing. I am such a rock legend.

Which brings me to my next point. We have learnt a lot of things on this tour, met a lot of people, and had some good times. As Sam McTrusty was quoted in Kerrang! last week- if you cant be yourself, who can you be? The answer to that is simple- you can be a nobody. This tour has seen us make new friends, it has also seen us appreciate the fact that none of us are, or ever will be washed up clichés.

Frank Turner once said, ‘there’s no such thing as rock stars there’s just people who play music. Some of them are just like us as some of them are d*cks.’

Never a truer word said, no divas here.

Wintersleep- Weighty Ghost
This is a live video from South by Southwest festival, great song.

Jim x

Here is what we created at 4am the other morning! We hope you all enjoy our version of Fairytale of New York by the Pogues this Christmas. This track will be on our facebook/ soundcloud soon…. it may also be available to download… watch this space…

DAY 22: Having spent the last 3 nights in the same place, today’s get up and drive feels like the start of a new tour in some respects. Thanks to our good friend Rosie we have had a roof over our heads, hot running water, Deal or No Deal on demand and the amenities to fully demonstrate Matt’s veggie lasagne skills. Part of me feels guilty for taking over her house- 5 northern monkeys hanging around can be about as subtle as a brick through a window- but I don’t think we annoyed her…. too much. Thanks!!

The gigs have been coming thick and fast as always; it seems like an eternity since we were saying our goodbyes. Plymouth was heroic as ever, spoiling us with a lot of familiar faces including the Crazyarm bunch- who are WELL WORTH checking out by the way. Bristol was, in all honesty, plain weird. For starters the venue was a boat (cool), we were on stage at 6.30 (not cool) and we arrived pretty late (complete bobbins). We were off stage and loaded out before the weakest link had even finished. Rock and roll (*obligatory rock gesture*).

In between these two gigs we stayed with a good friend of ours, Peter Miles, near Newton Abbot (a lovely part of the world). After arriving at 1.30am we decided to take advantage of Pete’s generosity and jam our way through the night, eventually crashing out at about 5am. Peter recorded our first two albums and is currently one of the best producers around. He is also a LEGEND and let us record a song in the dead of night, for old time’s sake. It was a lot of fun. We have spent the majority of the last 2 days making a video to go with the track, which will be delivered online in the next few days. Consider it an early Christmas present…

We also visited Jane, Ben and new arrival Jessica before the gig for a catch up and incredible veg enchiladas. Ben (triple) often comes away with us to keep us in check and double the amount of functioning brain cells in the Failsafe camp. He is a great Tour Manager. Matt (Howard’s alias, Thinkpol, Drawings) was there too for the fun and festivities. Jessica is a beautiful little creature too, I’m very chuffed for them both!

Not much else to report really. Portsmouth Wedgewood rooms is one of the best venues I’ve ever played in terms of sound. We went down a storm and made a lot of new friends. Someone came over from Germany off the back of one of the Beatsteaks gigs, specifically to see us! Amazing! That’s what it’s all about. Things like that are very humbling.

Currently on our way to Brighton, another lovely part of the world. The plan is to eat lots of Indian food with the guys in Hawthorne- they have located a suitable eatery to take on the collective appetite of both bands, I’ll keep you posted.

A Wilhelm Scream- Fun Time
I am in love with this band, BIG TIME. They never fail to sort me out.

Jim x

DAY 17: I tend to start writing these entries when we have a long and daunting drive ahead of us. Right now, Rob is behind the wheel driving us in the general direction of Plymouth. Sheffield is quiet this morning and there is a crisp wintery feel to the place. It’s strange, when you have been on tour for a few weeks you start to forget what day it is. You also forget that at 10am on a tuesday morning, EVERYONE is going to be at work. You end up in a tired, hazy stupor of staying up late and sleeping in. As cliché as it sounds, it’s so true. God only knows what it’s like on that tour bus. Thankfully for us, we are entirely responsible for getting up, getting the hell out of wherever we’re staying and getting ourselves to the next gig. It keeps us sane… almost.

Sheffield Corporation is, in my opinion, a great venue. It’s probably one of the grottiest hell-holes on the planet. A place where you wouldn’t think twice about hovering over the toilet bowl (because there’s no seat). A place where your shoes are constantly in danger of becoming a part of the sticky floor. A place where chaining up the kettle in the backstage doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Some venues of the same caliber don’t get away with it, but I’ve always enjoyed this one.

We seemed to have a really good response on stage. It’s amazing what a day off can do sometimes. We’ve been treated on this tour to a day off every 4 or 5 gigs, which may seem a bit excessive, but when you are a band the size of Hawthorne or Red Jumpsuit, you can afford to do it. To us, a day off on tour usually means we will SPEND money, which is a bad thing when the purse strings are pulled so tight.

Which brings me to my next point. There is a common misconception when it comes to bands/ musicians/ artists. People often forget that we also have things to pay for- regardless of wether or not we are on tour- and of course being away means we won’t be getting paid from our jobs either. My phone bill will still be paid out of my account on the 15th of every month, so will my car insurance, even if I don’t use the damn thing for 4 weeks at a time. We really love to do ‘the band.’ For the last 6 years it’s what we’ve lived for in a sense. We are proud of our accomplishments and hope for many more, especially with the new record. They haven’t come about without sacrifices though.

I’m getting side-tracked. This isn’t meant to be a rant or sob story. What I MEANT to say was, from a vocalist’s point of view, I’m really appreciating the days off. By this time on any other tour my voice would be on the verge of knackered, but I’ve made a conscious effort to spend at least half an hour warming up every night, and the days off have really helped too.

In other news, Middlesbrough turned out to be awesome! There was a very decent crowd in The Empire, which was dressed up to the nines in Christmas paraphernalia. The picture at the top was taken there at the merch stand with Matt (Corndog) and Stacey. Radio 2 is accompanying the morning sunshine on this drive at the moment, sometimes regrettably, as they are currently playing a Christmas song by The Feeling (utter dross). Matt and Rob (up front) have been demonstrating their musical knowledge in the pop quiz- they both sound like they have musical tourettes…… “ABBA!”

Cave In- Inspire

Jim x

DAY 14: Tonight’s gig was number 12 of the tour. Technically speaking, it’s day 16, as it took a few days to get to Munich for the 26th. We are well over halfway through now, and Scotland was a brief and bizarre encounter.

Having made it to Aberdeen through 130mph winds, fallen trees on the roadside and over-turned lorries on the carriage ways, we managed to play a great gig at Tunnels (as you can see, Tunnels is literally in a tunnel). Our safe arrival seemed in jeopardy for the most part, but it all worked out well. The road signs projected phrases such as ‘avoid road travel,’ which made us chuckle and panic in the same breath. To ease the pain Matt and I ended up in a yellow pub after the gig by the name of ‘Exodus,’ a word so fitting to an Alan Partridge accent. Accompanying us was Scott; a man up for work at 6.30 the following morning, who was letting us crash at his flat and making very short work of several beers. Nice guy, legend and professional drinker. Jo, his better half, hooked it up for us, and for that we are very grateful.

The drive to Glasgow seemed very tame in comparison. G2 saw us play with the Living End a couple of years ago. On that night, we had to set up in a line across the stage because the drummer didn’t strike his kit (get it off stage), there wasn’t even room for a bottle of water in front of Rob’s drums. Playing NEXT TO Rob was just plain weird. Tonight was much better as we had way more room. This tour has had a very young crowd, thankfully for us, they all seem to turn up as soon as the doors open, so even though we are on at Emmerdale o’clock we are playing to a lot of people.

Chris Baldie’s new flat provided us with a shelter for the night- the guy can hook up a mean breakfast. It was awesome to see our good friend Ian from the band Tauntra too. Good memories, thanks guys. We have all doubled up on socks today cause there’s a wee nip in the Scottish air, nothing that another Starbucks won’t sort out though. Still not feeling Christmassy in the slightest, although it’s kind of refreshing to not have it shoved down my throat for once.

Middlesborough tomorrow. If you say the word ‘Middlesborough’ to any of Failsafe, we are guaranteed to pull the same face. I think we have only played there twice and we’ve always cocked it up in some way, or at least I have. Third time lucky, here goes…

My Vitriol- Always your way

DAY 10: Good morning! It’s currently 10.50am on Thursday morning and we are battling our way through the elements in the hope that we will make it to Aberdeen. Radio 2 (yes, radio 2- a happy medium between radio 1 and smooth fm) is telling us that 100mph winds are looming in Scotland, as well as snow and ice. It’s times like this when you wish you had remembered a shovel, or invented the teleporter. I reckon the Forth Bridge is the key to our arrival as it may well be closed to high or long vehicles. We’ll see…

As I mentioned previously, tour lurgy has made himself very apparent on this tour. I’ve felt like rubbish for a week now, but i’m gradually beginning to smell and taste particular things again, like coffee and black wine gums. Andy and Matt are both holding off sniffles and JT from Hawthorne is rifling his way trough packets of lockets on a daily basis.

Which reminds me- really getting on with those guys at the moment. They have a great sense of humour, and they ‘GET IT,’ if you know what I mean? We often use that phrase cause it’s difficult to say just what it is they get, but they definitely get it- just like we get it. They understand what it is to be a band and why the hell we are all doing this.

Which makes me wonder, just why are we carrying on driving to Aberdeen when everyone is telling us not to? We are meandering around cones in the middle of the motorway that have blown over and Sprake’s buffness is being tested at the wheel every time a gust of wind smacks the side of the sprinter. I reckon it’s cause we ‘get it.’ We can buy try.

The gigs have been a bit of a blur for me since arriving in the UK. I seem to remember Cardiff and Birmingham sounding amazing on stage, but my head has been so full of mucus that i’m sure it’s affected my memory. It was great to catch up with Si’s brother Rick in Nottinghamsburg too. I think I enjoyed it so much cause we ‘filled our boots’ at the pizza hut buffet mid-afternoon.

We saw a couple of celebs on our travels too. I watched Pritchard (of Dirty Sanchez fame) scan a cauliflower trough the Cardiff Morrisons self-service till in his Slayer shirt. Terrific. Good to see those crazy cats getting their 5 a day. I also accidentally accosted Jarvis Cocker as he was sat having a quiet drink in Paris, just to prove that it was him. There was enough doubt in the van to force the question ‘Hey Jaaaaaaarvis! How’s it going mate?’ Just so you know, it’s going ‘not bad.’ Gotta love him.

Manchester is always a good time, topped by the fact that we have a night in our own beds and get to see our families and (girl)friends. Academy 3 holds a lot of memories for Failsafe. We have supported and watched a lot of bands there, so the butterflies always flutter a bit quicker as our set time approaches. Plus, more often than not there are a bunch of familiar faces out there, who we don’t want to let down!

So, onwards to Scotland. Almost 25 minutes has passed since I started writing, and it’s raining. Like, REALLY raining. Its windy too. Probably going to kack it down with snow soon. Did I mention we might need a shovel…?

Ben Howard- Keep your head up

DAYS 4 & 5; After a rather pleasing stint on the mainland, we are all set for home soil. The last couple of days saw us play two rather beautiful cities. I could have posted loads of different pictures for this entry but I decided to keep them on instagram.

Paris, amidst all it’s charm and effervescence, decided to throw a curve ball on tuesday as we pulled up to the Boule Noir (black ball). The venue is in the middle of what can only be described as the “sex” district – the Moulin Rouge is literally metres away- the place is teaming with adult shops and inevitably, dodgy characters. Luckily, none of the people previously mentioned were in the mood for ransacking an english van of its equipment as we drove through; intimidating glares would have to suffice. Despite the negative vibes, the venue turned out to be rad! We played great too, and met some legends who also seemed to enjoy themselves. Even after five or six years of doing this, to hit a new territory is still as satisfying as it was from day one.

On the flip side, Brugge seemed to be a lot more introvert! Belgium is so laid back! I guess the Netherlands is rubbing off on them. Well, half the country does speak some form of Dutch. The rest of the guys were enthused to be walking around the set of the film “In Brugge.” I am told its a must see. Maybe on the ferry…

It’s satisfying to know that this city is the last place I will EVER have a moustache. Historic, in a way. Ironically/ luckily/ fatefully we parked, completely by accident, next to “Madame Moustache” on our afternoon jaunt into the city. Prime photo opportunity if ever there was one. For those who are confused right now, four of us have been doing Movember (growing a tache in November), and the other one has been taking the pictures ;)

Tour lurgy is beginning to take me by the hand and pull me to a darker place too. Although I enjoyed this gig, fatigue really struck me from the word go. No one wants a sob story, so I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say Brugge, it’s been a pleasure.

Thrice- Stare at the Sun