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Rich (friend, legend and indiegogo donator) dropped in to the studio today to see how things were going as part of his donation perk. Good times all round!

Day 5 of recording is about to commence. The bass and drums for all 10 tracks are complete and sounding magnificent! Next on the agenda is guitars… (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

Day 4 ‘In the Studio’

Hello everyone! So we’re onto day four of recording and so far so awesome! We’re ahead of schedule as Rob and I have already recorded the drums and bass for eight tracks with two left to do! So today will involve finding the right tempos and bashing the hell out of the two remaining songs, […]

Andy is going through his bass takes with a fine tooth comb……he combs his teeth on a regular basis…..

Its still early days here at Bryn Derwen studio. We feel completely at home with Dave (Eringa) and Tom, who are producing and engineering this record. So far we’ve tracked bass and drums for 4 tracks, and are currently smashing our way through a 5th! Sounding grrrreat. Once we’ve done all 10, its time to get […]

Day 1

So the recording process started officially today, the first half of the day was all about getting all the drum sounds. There was lots of moving microphones, tuning drum skins, trying different snare drums and retuning drum skins, I thought all you had to do was the hit the drums until they sounded good but […]