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DAY 3. Evening all! As I am sat in Marc’s flat in Cologne drinking my beer, I thought it would be a good moment to spill some thoughts on the day. The photo was taken in a very rare Indian restaurant next to the Luxor in Cologne. There was talk of Indian food a few […]

DAYS 1 & 2: Hello folks, Jim here, just wanted to start a bit of a blog/ diary/ update thing, so here I am, blogging everyone’s head in. We (Si, Matt & I) set off to Munich on thurs night in the van with all the gear, whilst Andy and Rob would meet us at […]

Sorry we have been away for a while on tumblr. We have been having a great time on tour, we even managed to spend a day jumping in a lake (Bodensee) and getting sunburnt! Thanks to everyone who has come along so far. Don’t forget, we have a week of gigs with our mates Attack! […]

European Tour Dates!

August (Europe) Sat 6th – 6:00 pm – LakeFest, Freizeitsee St. Lorenzen im Mürztal, Austria Sat 20th – 6:00 pm – Stadtfest, Lennestadt, Germany September (Europe) Thu 1st – 8:00 pm – W2, Den Bosch, Netherlands Fri 2nd – 7:30 pm – Rhauderfehn, Jukz, Germany Sat 3rd – 8:00 pm – The Pit, Terneuzen, Netherlands Sun […]

Day 10 in the studio

Hello all! We have been so wrapped up in taking pictures, making videos and ACTUALLY recording that we haven’t posted a substantial amount of information on here for quite some time. So first and foremost, apologies! We also played a gig in Manchester with Boysetsfire on Tuesday whilst Dave had a day off from our […]

Done and dusted….. Time for a celebration? Lovely bottle of Morgon courtesy of @TrintEastwood Alex Boule and Uncommonmenfrommars. Now all we have to do is wait for the mixes…

The last installment of Failsafe in the studio. The final few days have been full of experimenting, hard work and fun. We’ll be sad to leave the studio behind and say goodbye to Dave. It’s kind of nice to be in your own little bubble at times, no doubt that will burst the moment we […]

Very near completion! We only have a few more things to do and then THAT’S IT! You can see that the “fun” column is completely nailed.