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To all our friends, family and followers. It is with the heaviest of hearts yet the fondest of memories, that we write this statement. Firstly, we apologise for the huge delay in any form of contact on our social media. The past few months have been spent trying to find the right words to say. […]

Release dates for ‘Routines’

Hello one and all Today’s big announcement is that we can finally say that we have the release dates for our new album, ROUTINES!!!! We are happy to let you guys know that our album will be released in the UK and Europe through our friends at Bomber Music, and for the first time ever […]

DAY 27: Unfortunately for us, the CD player in the van has decided to call it a day, so our sound track for the journey home has not been Chris Rea ‘driving home for Christmas,’ on repeat. We said goodbye to Rob (who was flying home) as we left the gig in Zürich- which was […]

Here is what we created at 4am the other morning! We hope you all enjoy our version of Fairytale of New York by the Pogues this Christmas. This track will be on our facebook/ soundcloud soon…. it may also be available to download… watch this space… (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

DAY 22: Having spent the last 3 nights in the same place, today’s get up and drive feels like the start of a new tour in some respects. Thanks to our good friend Rosie we have had a roof over our heads, hot running water, Deal or No Deal on demand and the amenities to […]

DAY 17: I tend to start writing these entries when we have a long and daunting drive ahead of us. Right now, Rob is behind the wheel driving us in the general direction of Plymouth. Sheffield is quiet this morning and there is a crisp wintery feel to the place. It’s strange, when you have […]

DAY 14: Tonight’s gig was number 12 of the tour. Technically speaking, it’s day 16, as it took a few days to get to Munich for the 26th. We are well over halfway through now, and Scotland was a brief and bizarre encounter. Having made it to Aberdeen through 130mph winds, fallen trees on the […]

DAY 10: Good morning! It’s currently 10.50am on Thursday morning and we are battling our way through the elements in the hope that we will make it to Aberdeen. Radio 2 (yes, radio 2- a happy medium between radio 1 and smooth fm) is telling us that 100mph winds are looming in Scotland, as well […]

DAYS 4 & 5; After a rather pleasing stint on the mainland, we are all set for home soil. The last couple of days saw us play two rather beautiful cities. I could have posted loads of different pictures for this entry but I decided to keep them on instagram. Paris, amidst all it’s charm […]